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Energy & Sound Healing

In todays modern society, negative emotions such as anger, depression, fear, and grief can be seen as sign of weakness. The outside world, tells us, ‘you will be fine,’ or 'just get over it.’ In an effort to conform to societies standards we often push down these emotions which can lead to energy blocks. These energy blocks often manifest themselves through physical pain and discomfort, emotional pain like fear and depression, and mental stress like negative self-beliefs or denial.


I am a certified Energy Healer trained in the Awareness Release Technique (ART) and the 4th generation from Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, M.D. (developed the ART process) along with being certified in Sound Healing. I am here to guide you in becoming aware of the energy blocks that are holding you back and helping you to release these blocks and allow your true self to shine through.


This six- step guided process includes;

• centering

• awareness

• identification

• release

• integration

• gratitude


 Sessions are done while you are fully clothed on a massage table.

- Sessions are about 90 minutes in length.  

Cost: $120 ​

Forms of Payment

Cash, Check, PayPal or  a swiped Credit Card.  

If paying via paypal please use the following e-mail:

If paying via check please make out to: Accendo Mind Body & Soul.

 ~ Thank you

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