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All classes / workshops to be held at Accendo Mind Body &  Soul

unless otherwise noted.  

You can sign up for all classes on the "Book Online" tab under "Groups / Classes". 


May 10th,  6:30-8:30pm

Mandala House - Open House 

Am I just a physical body?? 
Come to a open forum on opening
your intuition.

Limited to 10 people
Cost: Free

(reserve your spot in the book online tab under groups/ classes)


May 17, 24, 31st - June 7th,  6:30-8:30pm

 Dragon Series  (4 Part) with Robin

Cost: $90

Limited :  8 people

Human history is dotted with stories of mythical creatures.  Heroes of the past fought against terrible sea monsters, flew among the clouds on the backs of winged horses, and spoke to wondrous giant creatures of feather, scales and claws.  Walt Disney movies and J.K.Rowling with her Harry Potter series have brought many of these mythical creatures into modern imagination.  

One of most misunderstood creatures of human mythology is the Dragon- a creature that is, depending on where in the world the story comes from, part reptile, part bird, part fish,.  

Is the dragon a monster to fear, or is it a magical friend of humans?  


Our 4-part series of classes introduces you to the Dragon in new and personal ways.  We will discover the different types of dragons, learn and discuss the many stories of why dragons are both hated and loved.  And as myths becomes known, so will you meet your own personal Dragon to guide and protect your deepest dreams.  

Artwork, writing and meditations pave our journey together as we dive into -“All About Dragons”!


May 17- All About Dragons

 Part 1- “The World of Dragons Intro”

              Dragons are misunderstood- it has been too long since humans asked what a true dragon is and why they act as they do.  This introductory class will introduce the varieties of dragons, their abilities and the history of human and dragon contact.  


May 24- All About Dragons

Part 2 - “ Lets Find Your Dragon”

              Now that you have learned about the dragon world, it’s time for you to be chosen by your own dragon- could it be that you have had a dragon spirit with you all this time?  This class includes dragon ceremonies for the beginning Dragonologist.   We will meet our dragons and learn some Dragon Basic Contact Technique.


May 31- All About Dragons

 Part 3 - “Art and Lifestyle”

              To become a successful Dragonologist First Degree, we will need to spend time learning how to live with our dragon. What does our dragon look like? How will our dragon live in our world?  What do they need from us? We will use a technique called automatic writing to talk further to our dragon- perhaps they have something amazing to say! The class will share stories of their dragons and suggestions on living with them


June 7- All about Dragons

Part 4 -  “Dragonologist First Degree”

              It is time to graduate to the outside world with your new guide and teacher.  This final class includes making the amulet given to the Dragonologist First Degree by their own dragon.  This amulet helps amplify dragon’s contact and words so you will always feel them close to help and guide you on your Life’s journey. 


June 21, 28 - July 5th, 6:30-8:30pm
Heart, Body, Soul (3 part) 
series with Nicci 

Cost: $65

Limited to 8 people

In this series we will learn how to connect with the body, listen to the soul and unblocking the heart and opening it to yourself and safely to the world! 

On July 5th class you will be using materials to make a representation of your soul. 

images (4).jpeg

 In-Home Group Readings 
In these readings you may invite up to 8 people to experience a soul guidance session.  


You can hold these sessions in either individual readings (about 15 min each) or in a group setting. 

I will travel to your space chosen.

(within a 25 mile radius of Waukesha)

Cost is $30 per person

via cash or PayPal

You can book classes in the online booking tab under groups and classes.  

If instructor cancels class / workshop and you have prepaid, fees will be refunded. 

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