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Intuitive Aura Body Scan

An Intuitive Aura Body Scan is a wonderful place to start when you are unable to decide what course of action you require.   


This written up scan allows me to feel, see, or hear where blockages are within your body as well as your life. This scan provides you the insight you need to move forward in your life.


Sessions are done face-to-face in chairs or via phone. If via phone,

your scan will be mailed to your home. ​ ​

-Sessions are about 60 minutes in length and will include a written-up   intuitive aura body scan.

  Cost: $120

Forms of Payment

Cash, Check, PayPal or  a swiped Credit Card.  

If paying via paypal please use the following e-mail:

If paying via check please make out to: Accendo Mind Body & Soul.

 ~ Thank you

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